The Houston creative answers questions from friends, fans, collaborators and peers including Kid Cudi, Virgil Abloh and Bjork.

Due to the well documented relationship between Travis Scott and SHOW studio’s director Nick Knight, it wasn’t entirely surprising to see that amidst his latest visit to London, Scott found the time to sit down with Lou Stoppard as part of the In Camera: series to discuss a variety of topics.

 “I feel like rock star might be too dark and hip-hop might be too conscious”

 Travis Scott has emerged as one of the driving forces in the future of the rap genre, with early co-signs from the likes of Kanye West it was almost inevitable that Scott’s sound would transpire through to the fashion industry and worldwide youth cultures. Now with two platinum albums under his belt, Scott is in an excellent position to branch out creatively and push the boundaries of his brand, this has been exemplified in collaborations with renowned fashion house Helmut Lang and the aforementioned Nick Knight. Scott also had a significant role in the design of all tour merchandise for his latest tour which sold out almost instantly.

Throughout the interview he touches upon current political tensions and the importance of live shows for both himself and the fans.  Scott also reminisces about times prior to success and gives an honest testimonial of the drawbacks of fame as well as visualising his plans for the future. Additionally, Scott speaks about how he has begun to feel uncomfortable in recording studios and has regressed to a more homemade style of music creation, when asked to offer some advice to young musicians looking to follow in his footsteps he simply stated, “you don’t need all that… I recorded my albums at home so can you”.

Watch the full interview below:


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