James Massiah Interview

James Massiah is a poet, DJ and musician from South London whose work delves into themes of ethics, mortality and sex. Imaginatively redefining the boundaries of creativity, he has garnered attention from some of the most revered cultural institutions and global brands of our time. We sat down with James on a vibrant day in […]

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Mist Interview

From his incarceration in 2014 through to last month’s ‘Diamond In The Dirt’ release, Birmingham MC Mist is at the top of his game. After a high-profile chase on the M6 with ten police squad cars in hot pursuit, Birmingham rapper Mist ditched his vehicle. For a while he hid in residential gardens, only to […]

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IMAN Interview

Raised in an environment where musical creativity and a love for the arts was not encouraged, IMAN’s decision to follow her dreams would come with some tough choices and hard times along the way. However, with a steady flow of single releases over the course of this year and a bunch of tour experience under […]

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THINK PIECE: Why Trump and the Political Right Missed the Point of the NFL Protests

After his unfortunate demise from the national football league in 2016, it had appeared as if Colin Kaepernicks protests may not have been much more than an exercise in futility. The league as a whole had seemingly moved on and began to forget the whole situation until September of 2017 when President Donald Trump took […]

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